Contact Improvisation

Rosalind has been practicing Contact Improvisation since 2003. She was introduced to the form in London by Rick Nodine and Jovair Longo and has since gone on to work with practitioners from all over the world . She teaches contact regularly in Germany and in Scotland. Principles of contact improvisation such as alignment, connection to floor, sense of weight and flow of energy are introduced through the warm up. Focus is placed on becoming more aware of one's own body by listening through touch- introducing partner work as well as individual movement explorations. Confidence in weight sharing is built through specific exercises, looking in detail at the mechanics of particular movement patterns. We work by travelling through and across the space, in and out of the floor with attention on many levels using imagery: anatomical, elemental and conceptual. Depending on the duration of the course we will go into detail about specifc senses exploring the effects of sight and touch on our movement choices and responses. Each class with have the space to try out our new skills in a mini - jam environment guided by the content and level of the class.