Rosalind began studying Improvisation in 2006 with Rick Nodine and Jovair Longo. She then went on to work with GOAT media on the film 'A Force of Nature' - a documentary about the work of Kirstie Simson. Her practice of Improvisation continued with Merav Israel in site-specific performance work based in Scotland. She worked though Bodysurf Scotland with Chris Krickmay and Eva Karczag as well as Katie Duck at Movement Research in New York. Following work in Improvisation led her into the 13 hour performance - The Darktown Cakewalk by LINDER as well as Winter Cycle in Glasgow with Jer Reid (musician/artist) and with London based Jan Hendrickse (sound artist). Rosalind's last work in Improvisation was with Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes in the video dance "The Time it Takes".

Workshops in Improvisation with Rosalind are based upon her current explorations and interests. See 'What's On' for details of upcoming events.