Mus Ro Faclann Ann

Mus Ro Faclan Ann - Before Words

Mus Ro Faclan Ann or Before Words is the working title for the development of a dance performance influenced by the landscape, language and culture of the Outer Hebrides, in particular Uibhist a Deas /South Uist. The root of the word choreography comes from the greek, khoreia (chorus or band of dancers) and graphein (to write). Mus Ro Faclan Ann is an attempt to write or record movement that is in dialogue with a people and place. What can a Gaelic reading of the landscape reveal that otherwise remains hidden? How can the body serve as a medium to that which cannot otherwise be expressed in words? If you are interested in supporting or booking this work plase contact

Working on this production with me will be four other artists:
Performance: Maria Giulia Serantoni
Gaelic Writing/Performance: Gillibride MacMillan
Visuals/film: Andy Mackinnon
Sound/Outside Eye: Jer Reid

photo by Tanya London