Nae Credit

Potentially Plugged in to the Universe

Choreography and Performance: Rosalind Masson

15 min

Potentially plugged in to the universe with a prejudicial personality. She predicts the psychology of prey. In partnership, perhaps she is pure talent? Under this pretence, people are drawn to her. The art business, they don’'t know the American Nightmare. Because I say yes to beautiful hair, and chase after banchees, the art business doesn’t trust me. They think I'’m trying to steal their girlfriends. I don'’t have the keys for anybodies heart and I don’t do this for money. They don'’t know the nature of the beast.
There was this girl, she was beautiful, seeping in seduction, but what is beauty? Tell me your opinion. Tell me what you want. Tell me what you want more than anything. Trust? Fulfillment? Sensuality? Success? Stop right there. You are see through. I'’ll call the shots. What kind of cattle are you? Sexy cattle? You know Steven Spielberg does blockbusters to fund the stuff he’'s really into but superwoman, she'’s seen a lot. She’s quite jaded……..

Potentially Plugged in to the universe was developed in response to a collaboration that disintegrated. First shown as part of Heads Up at Dancebase 2009 then at Pool at the Traverse 2009 and Dancelive festival in Aberdeen 2010. It has been described as, 'a humorous yet thoughtful solo that flagged up issues of identity and female roles - and turned a tent into a cleverly versatile prop .- Mary Brennan, The Herald. 

photo by Colin Thom