Sound and Movement Workshop

Exploring Relationships Between
Sound and Movement


To deliver workshops based upon the intrinsic connection between the art forms of music and dance. Drawing upon collective knowledge and practise and focusing on a series of practical tasks enabling participants to develop their understanding and sensitivity towards sound and movement and encourage creativity. These workshops can be catered towards all ages and levels and are meant to be fun at the same time as educational and inspiring.


• Ages 3 to 12: This workshop will involve game playing, story telling and imagery to engage participants Key areas we will focus on are rhythm and how that effects the emotional state e.g. 4/4 serious, ¾ wistful; Pitch – high sound reaching up to the sky, low sound curling low to the floor and quality, making a story in movement from the atmosphere created by the sound. N.b. The workshop can be adapted for ages 3 to 12 but age of children in one workshop would preferably not span more than three years. We feel that for this age group, a two hour workshop would be sufficient.

• 13+ : In this workshop participants can take part as music makers or dancers. Music makers are encouraged to bring their own instruments. We will explore the connection between sound making and dance through simple but challenging exercises before moving into creative group work. The workshop will end in a sharing of the short pieces that have been developed. This workshop could last for a full day or half day. An option for a full day could be to see ‘Beating/breaking Shell’ (see page 7), followed by a Q and A session. This would follow on from a workshop in the morning. For this age group we would also consider holding daily workshops over the course of a week.

• Professional Artists: This workshop is aimed at all dancers, musicians and performers. Music makers are encouraged to bring their own instruments. We will focus on concepts such as dichotomy and unity and the physical relationship of sound and space. Beginning with literal translations of sound to movement and movement to sound we will find clear connections and encourage critical thinking before moving on to compositional tasks. This workshop could last for an afternoon, a day or a week and would end in an informal sharing of the work that has been devised.