Surface Noise

Rosalind Masson and Jan Hendrickse

Our collective practice is about spontaneous collaborative interaction using amplified surfaces as a medium. We explore the dialogue between physical action and it’s relationship to sound and sound production. Using materials, space and the body to generate sound and movement, we create instant compositions that challenge the nature of sensory engagement in a contemporary context through live performance.
Our process involves exploring the inherent qualities of the materials we choose to work with in relation to the body. We use the interaction of body and materials in real time as a sound source that is fed back into a developing improvisational structure. We are influenced by the spaces where we work, often physically connecting to them through chosen materials and by the process of amplification. The parameters of our interaction are constantly being redefined throughout our research, often by the materials themselves as well as our compositional choices. Themes of deconstruction and transformation appear in our work along with an improvisational dialogue that allows us to play with dynamic range and possibilities presented in the moment.
Importantly, we draw upon our different backgrounds in contemporary music and dance to identify common threads of enquiry, utilising our individual skills as performers and creators in a transdisciplinary context.