Traces is a site-specific performance score designed by myself and dancer/choreographer Fernando Balsera. Working by layering various task-based movement explorations, we create a composition that builds in depth and texture over a period of time. Our collaboration began with a common interest in pure movement: the physical and mechanical interaction of our bodies moving in relation to one another and the space. Our first public performance was in Mauer Park, Berlin, before continuing to develop material specifically for Zunkunfts Vision festival in Goerlitz, East Germany. The performance took place in an old schnapps factory. Within the compositional framework of Traces, we deal with a physical continuum and multiple perspectives of a shared experience. This is reflected in how the audience observe the performance and how we approach the material independently, yet through the same lens. Within our shared practice, we aim to go deeper into the relationship between movement and space, and how movement can speak of and for the universal themes encountered by an expanded frame of reference. This is reflected in our choice to place our work in environments which contrast the movement qualities we explore. A reference to the cyclical nature of things within an product - driven economy, we allow the movment to speak for a parallel, relational and ancient rhythm.


photo by Jan Breu