Triùir/Mus ro faclan ann

Triùir in Gaelic or 'Trio' in english, is a research project based upon the interaction between self and other in the Outer Hebrides. This research stemmed from a personal desire to explore the effect of place upon people and how we are effected in a deep way by our surroundings. For one month, my colleagues and I shared a practice that was determined by certain parameters such as location, duration, collaboration and history, This informied the development of a methodology or system though which to experience the surrounding environment. This experiential information was brought into the studio and observed beefore a score was developed that held various sensations of land, sea, air and body in movement. This is an ongoing research project. Please refer to this page to keep updated on activites...


Mus ro Faclan Ann or 'Before Words' is my response to the research from Triùir with the intention to create a new work or piece of choreography. Themes within the physicality are interdependency, flight, breath and circles. The choreographic material will be developed with the support of Dancebase and Tramway Workroom. See 'What's on' for details of work in progress sharings.

South Uist experiment

Photos by Irina Steinbrecher